Everything, and everyone, in life has two sides; light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang. Nothing is ever completely one or the other, and the struggle between the two is one of the most quintessential aspects of being. The fact is that both must always exist, and no one know this fact better than Martok.

Born into an order of Paladins known as the Templars of the Silver Chalice, Martok was bred to excel, raised to serve and trained to lead. Set to become the commander of their pious armies, he represented all that the order was. But a symbol has to be more than mere man, and it was this idea that lead to the ritual.

Forgetting hubris and exalting in their sense of self-righteousness, the priests of the order attempted a forbidden ritual to expel the darkness within Martok, in order to create a being of pure light. But something went terribly wrong, and while none know exactly what left the chamber that night, everyone knew that Martok was no longer the same man. He left the order behind, leaving questions behind him as to whether he is now more than human, or less…

But light and dark are more intermingled than people think. Nothing exists on one end or the other, and everything is contained within shades of gray. It is possible to love the wrong things, hate for the right reasons, spare those who are corrupt and kill the innocent for pious reasons. And so Martok wanders, searching for what he has lost. Only two things are unknown; what is quality of the lost part of him that he seeks, and does he seek it in order to reclaim, or destroy it?


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