A Drow that you can trust?


Many miles beneath the surface, through twisting tunnels and shadowy caves, exists a world known as the Underdark. It’s dark and terrible environment is mirrored in it’s citizens, The Drow, who revel in all things evil and worship the Spider Queen Lolth. A matriarchal society, the laws of the Spider Queen give little rights or hope to the males of the society. Born into servitude, they are destined to guard and serve their superior female counterparts. And it is into this society that Zelos, of House Gevonos, was born.

Born as the youngest of five, Zelos had three older sisters; Kilenver, Gurtis, and his twin, Velos, as well as an older brother Falxen. The eldest sister Kilenver was the High Priestess, and was soon to become the Head of the House. But everything soon changed with the murder of Kilenver… by Zelos himself.

Running from the Underdark, and managing to only take what was on his back and a small house insignia (meant to alert him if his family drew near) Zelos wandered to the surface and ended up in a desert town. He was to quickly learn that life would be difficult, and that those who trusted a Drow were few. Zelos spent many months in this small town, learning the ways of the surface, until one night when his Family Insignia shone bright, informing him of his family’s vengeance closing in. So he ran, and ran far, carrying with him the secret of what he did and why, hoping to find a place in which he will be free. And it is with that hope in mind that he steps into a plain looking bar, wanting to relax for a bit…


The Shadow Directive Zelos