The Shadow Directive

Delving into the Keep

  • Continuing on, the party fights through groups of goblins, a rune-tiled room and rescues a dwarf prisoner named Adronsius. He seems to have taken an unusual amount of beatings, which, for some reason, were inflicted because of his race.
  • Further into the dungeon, the party encounters a room with a strange, blue portal, showing the images of a large castle in the middle of a swamp. They managed to defeat the Ochre Jelly that came through.
  • The heroes then managed to locate Sertanian, who attempted to weather his captivity with dignity. He insists that his captivity was “just a few hard days” but seems to harbor an unusual amount of hatred for the goblins, even for a prisoner.
  • Crossing into a webbed filled room, the heroes find the corpse of Kartenix, killed by ettercaps.
  • They also encounter a large, tomb-filled room, with the words “Here lie the Rivenroars until the Day of the Black Sun. If you seek their monument, look at the lands around you.”
  • Mirtala the cook was found in a room, prepared to be a sacrifice. Nearly catatonic with fear and having contracted filth fever, she is barely able to follow her rescuers.



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